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by Enrico
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When people think of casinos, one of the first things that inevitably comes to mind are slot machines. We know them, we love them. All of the best online casinos will have a robust selection to choose from too, ensuring that even the pickiest of players will find something they like. Thousands upon thousands of online slots exist for a reason, the playing public demands them. Many slots these days feel more like video games, grabbing you from the first spin and keeping you hooked on the action as you battle it out for a big win.

Speaking of big wins, have you ever noticed that many players seem to have all the luck, scooping several big wins, while you struggle to bring home a few bucks. It isn’t just dumb luck (or bad luck), there is a lot more to it than that. These players aren’t just riding a wave of fortune, they are fine-tuning how they play, becoming professional-level players in the process.

We all want to know how to make the most of our reel spinning experience.  Slot machines are designed to appeal to us on a very basic level. The music, lights, and rewards are all engineered to appeal to the pleasure centers of our brain. But before you get started, you need to think like a professional player, making sure that your eyes are firmly locked on the prize.

Taking the step from casual slots player to pro isn’t easy. Thankfully, we’re bringing you tips directly from the best players in the slots arena to make sure your next reel spins a profitable venture.

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Don’t be afraid to start out small

Not everybody is blessed with a king’s ransom to play slots with. Credit to you if that does happen to be the case. Most people will need to be budget-conscious when they spin the reels. If you are tight on funds or want to have an extended session, then it makes sense to place smaller bets. Don’t worry, small bets aren’t the end of the world, as they can easily lead to bigger things.

You won’t win as much money, but you won’t lose as much either, it’s a solid compromise that’ll let you build a foundation for further play. You need to play a lot of spins to really see the advantage that higher denominations bring, and it’s not always worth it to players who are more concerned at getting their time’s worth. Plus, this acts as good practice, and remember that old saying, practice makes perfect.

Up the ante only when the time is right

Oh come on, you didn’t think we were going to tell you to sick with small bets forever, did you? If you want to win the life-changing sums of money that make worldwide headlines, you’ve got to put the pedal to the metal and go all-in. That means no kitty bets, you need to be serious about your wagers if you want to win big and join the ranks of historic slots winners. Small spins will eventually stunt your payouts when you hit the big jackpots, and that’s going to feel really bad when you hit the triple sevens.

Now, we’re not saying that you should immediately start ramping up the wagers after a few spins, that would be a bit reckless. You need to up the ante when the time is right, don’t feel pressured into doing so. Lay the foundation for success with small wagers, build up your bankroll, then when you feel that the timing is perfect, steadily increase the amount you put into a game. Through small and steady increases, you’ll find yourself betting big before you know it and hopefully winning the big bucks to match.

The art of betting bigger

This is more of a high-risk, high-reward scenario. It’s tempting to want to gamble larger amounts because that means you’ll win more when the triple sevens drop. The issue is, that means that you’ll be able to spin far fewer times before you run out of cash. When the time comes, you’ll need to understand what betting big actually means, and this doesn’t necessarily mean betting every penny you have on a single spin. There is certainly a skill to be betting big.

This is actually where mathematical analysis comes into play. While a $1 spin lets you play twice as many times as a $2 spin, the $2 spin not only doubles your wins – it opens up some of the really huge jackpots that you really want, which the $1 spins won’t let you get. You’ll burn through your cash quicker, but the larger reward in the long term is absolutely worth the premium price of these spins. You’ll need to take these numbers and calculate them as a percentage of your bankroll; from there you can further understand what a “big” bet actually equates to.

Now if you want to maximize your time on the machines, that’s a different story…

Who doesn’t love a fancy slot?

Slots that have all the bells and whistles might look flashy, God knows that they’ve tempted us in for a spin time and time again. But they are a lot harder to consistently win at. This is especially true with those ridiculous 100+ line slot machines that are more confusing than anything. Now to be fair, they do give you a better chance of eking out small wins. They are also more likely to offer things like free spins or bonus rounds that shake things up in a meaningful way. The problem is that all of these so-called extras muddy the actual experience of spinning the reels and winning. They are great for the casual player that’s looking for a quick bit of fun, but there is a reason why most slots pros stay well away from these types of games.

If you find it difficult to calculate the best combination of reels for success, consider sticking to more traditional fare like one-line, three-reel slot machines. They aren’t flashy, but they’re solid, consistent, and have passed the test of time. You know exactly what you’re getting when you play them. Being able to read the game is part of what it takes to be a successful slots player, and simple logic is that the easier the game the easier it is to get under control. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with playing the newfangled machines from time to time, so don’t beat yourself up to back if you drawn in by the lights so bright.

Keep your eyes on the prize

In poker you would study other platers, in blackjack, you would watch the dealer, so why wouldn’t you do something when you play online slots? This is the kind of thing that separates the amateurs from the pros. Slot machines are simple in design, but the real intricacies lie in all the additional secondary features that they have. Knowing how these features actually work and operate is a huge step towards manipulating the machine to give you the best outcome.

A parameter you should always keep your eye on is the Return to Player Value or RTP. This is a measure of variance, or how much the desired result varies over a large number of samples. The RTP for the different features of a slot machine can vary by quite a bit, and knowing how to make the most of it is key to striking it rich.

In an ideal world, you would play slots that maintain the highest RTP possible, as the percentages show this is how you’ll be able to earn consistent returns. Even if this does mean not necessarily playing for the biggest prizes. There is a time and place to go for the truly earth-shattering prizes in say progressive slots, but that should be the exception and not the rule.

No slot will ever be “due to a payout”

Seriously, is this something we really have to address? Let us spell this out for you once and for all, no slot game has or ever will be due to a payout. This mentality is why so many casual gamblers go broke and the pros are left to pick up the wins. Slot machines are governed by what is known as a random number generator, or RNG. The previous spin has no effect on the spin after it. No matter how many times you lose, it’s no more likely to pay out the next spin than it is to lose. The reverse holds true for win streaks.

Due wins are a myth that has got truly out of hand, as players actually believe it. People who think this though are the ones who lose their money and blame their silly superstitions. Don’t be one of those people, be a pro player instead, and understand that every spin on a slot – online or otherwise – is different from the last.

Not every online slot game is the same

You can’t control the outcome of a slot machine, or at least it’s extremely difficult to, which is why you need to be smart about which one you’re choosing to play. The results can vary not just from one game to the next, but even between locations. You may find that one online casino has a different version (maybe older, maybe newer) to another. Slots are like video games, so updates, tweaks, and changes do occur through a game’s lifecycle.

This is especially true if you choose to play at the land-based casinos of the world. Major casinos are more generous with payouts than your local bar or gas station, for example. And if your slot machine is really complicated, then the extra features introduce a great deal of uncertainty regarding how to use them, and that doesn’t touch upon the high cost of development that must be recuperated. No two slots are the same, so don’t treat them that way and research what you’re playing before you hit the spin button.

Keep it loose… when you can

Myths and online slots seem to go hand in hand, but there is actually a slight truth to this one… sort of. Just to note, this only really applies to land-based slots. While slot machines are regulated by law, the actual odds of payouts can and do vary from one machine to the next. Depending on how much you intend to play, even a 1% difference in the house edge can make an enormous difference in the long run. Slot machines are designed to pay out a certain amount over time, and looser machines pay more. As we mentioned, RTP rates vary, so the house edge can be a little more prominent in some games than others.

Of course, if you’re savvy enough to play online slots then this isn’t a problem. The software code that governs online slot games is subject to intense scrutiny to ensure that gamblers aren’t getting screwed over. But, should you still be playing the old-fashioned way, keep an eye for loose slots, as they do pop up and are well worth spinning if you have big wins in mind.

Always use coins at a land-based casino

Another pro tip that is pretty much exclusively for those that prefer the land-based casino experience, we know you’re out there. Bankroll control is definitely important and coins are a great way to spread out your bets. Rather than bet one dollar on a single payline, you can instead bet five cents on twenty. This is a way to avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. You not only increase the chance of getting a win but also the chance of scoring big if multiple paylines win.

Want to protect your bankroll when you settle in for a long session of spinning the one-armed bandit? Arm yourself with coins and avoid straight cash play, this way the fun will last longer and so – fingers crossed – will your next hot streak.

Walk straight into the players’ clubs

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing online or offline, your loyalty should mean something, especially if you’re playing at a professional level. All casinos (or at least casinos worth playing at) should get this and offer you certainly loyalty perks through schemes and programs.

Simply put, they’re designed with the purpose of increasing how much you get for spending your money at a casino. Free perks, rewards, spins, and more are all given to loyal players who come back time and time again. These services don’t cost you more to obtain, but they greatly enhance your experience at no cost to you. There’s no logical reason not to make use of these programs, especially since they help reduce the house edge over time. Every casino should have a decent loyalty program, so make sure you check out yours ASAP, and if it doesn’t have one, do like the good players

Know when to call it a day and walk away

Do you know what really separates the professionals from the not-so-professionals at slots? The pros know when their luck is out and step away from the reels, others seemingly do not. Slots are a game that can pay out big, and we respect that. But what kind of game isn’t even fun to play? At that point, it might as well be a job. Knowing how to stick to your limits and play games you enjoy is a key part of making the most of your overall experience and thinking like a real pro. Remember, you’re giving your money, but also your time. And unlike money, time can’t be won back once spent, once it’s gone it really is gone.

When you realize you aren’t having fun anymore, call it a day. Even if you’re up from when you started, there’s not much satisfaction in winning if you aren’t having fun while doing it. A great way to help keep on top of things is to set a time limit, something all the top slots players do. When it’s up, you pack up and come back some other time.

You can be the next online slots superstar!

Slot machines are incredibly varied, which is probably what makes them so amazingly fun to play. There are so many little variations and differences in how they’re played that it’s impossible to know them all. What’s important is that you understand the basics behind how each slot machine runs and have a grasp on why professional slots players are able to conquer the reels more than casual players.

Slot machines are perhaps one of the easiest types of casino games to get started with, and learning the fundamentals well will put you in an advantageous position when trying to maximize your winnings. Just remember that becoming a pro does not happen overnight, you need to stick with it, remember what you have read here today, and practice hard!

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