How to Become a Better Online Slots Player

by Enrico
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How to Become a Better Online Slots Player

The very best online casino will have more than an ample selection of slots to choose from – some even bring thousands of hot slots to the table. This is in addition to the well-known brick and mortar casinos of Las Vegas and Macau, which have their very own unique selection to entice players. But, if you really want to get the most out of your slots experience, you can’t go wrong with online slots. The variety of options and game modes available is enough to make your head spin. Online slots have taken the slots concept of old and ramped it up to a thousand. Trust me when I say that when you play slots online, the action is large and in charge.

Because slots are so popular with gamblers all around the world, there are plenty of strategies and tips bandied about on how to earn the most money from them. Not all of these tips are good, so we’ve compiled a list of the more proven ones here. Pen and paper at the ready, as note-taking is mandatory if you really want to become an online slots whizz. This guide will not lead you down the wrong path – we promise!

Always Start Out Slow…

It’s tempting to jump right in once you’ve got your bankroll – we know this from experience. Money can burn a hole in your pocket, so throwing into slots at a moment’s notice is an extremely strong temptation. But resist the urge to spend big sums of money at once, lest you want to go broke within ten minutes. Experienced gamblers know to start with small wagers, then adjust as their wins and losses become more apparent. Plus, smaller wagers mean more games, which means more practice at slots.

…Before You Go BIG!

When you bet with higher denominations, you are maximizing the earnings you might receive. This comes at a higher risk to you, since you have to spend more money to reap greater rewards. These rewards do not scale linearly – if you are faced with a choice between four 25-cent rolls and a $1 roll, take the dollar bet – its payout will exceed what four 25-cent rolls would yield.

We’re serious when we say this – high denomination bets really pay a whole lot more. Now we do want to make it clear that these will burn through your wallet faster. If you want to extend your session, then sticking to smaller bets is the right idea. Higher risk, the higher reward is the old saying, but there is a method to the madness as they say. It’s better to splash the cash on a few carefully played spins, that go wild and wide with lesser cost spins that aren’t linked to high returns.

The allure of high payouts is a siren call that many gamblers succumb to. Jackpots are only achievable with high bet sizes, and you’re extremely unlikely to win them, but you have to be in it to win it.

The More Complicated the Game, the Lower Your Odds (Most of the Time!)

It’s tempting to think that more complex slot machines are skill-testing in some way. But an objective analysis of the data from these machines shows that they actually reduce your payout in the long run. Simple slots with few bells and whistles may not offer as many free spins or goodies, but they are much more consistent and predictable. Many times, simple slot machines have the lowest house edge – that is, the statistical advantage the house has over you if you didn’t know.

Over a long period of time, these gains really add up. Complex machines introduce more margin for error, as well as make it harder to determine the best way to spend your money. The margin for error means you could slip, lose focus, and potentially see wins slip away. More features in a slot can often mean more things you have to contend with and conquer in order to win big.

With that said, that shouldn’t scare you away from trying out more complicated slot games. That’s certainly not what we’re trying to do. These can be quite rewarding when played well, and the variety they offer can easily make up for the added complexity and lower overall house edge. That’s without mentioning the fun factor, many modern online slots feature levels, characters, and more bonus features than you can shake a stick at. If this isn’t considered a fun gaming experience, we don’t know what is.

Know Thy Enemy and Thy Enemy is Slots

When you sit down and play a slot, it’s the cause of you against the reels. We don’t need to overstate this, but if you want to get your hands on the cash, you’re going to need to best the reels, and whatever game rounds it throws your way. The easiest way to get the best out of any slot is to simply know what you’re playing, for that reason, you need to do your research.

The professionals understand how slot machines operate from the ground up; this knowledge even extends to the workings of the microprocessors themselves when you’re dealing with an actual physical machine. The house always has an edge over gamblers – this much is certain. If you want to minimize how much of an edge they have, then it really pays to do your research.

Return to Player Values (RTP) is a study in variance. If you’re familiar with statistics, the variance is the standard deviation squared. In plain English, it’s a measure of how much of a “spread” data points will have over time. You want to pick machines that have a smaller variance because they are more consistent in their payouts.

That’s not the only thing you need to research and address. Every game will have a distinct set of features, which change how the game functions and operates, this includes the much sought-after bonus rounds. Often an online slots jackpot is hidden behind these bonus features or in these bonus rounds, so you’ll need to know how to best them. If you can’t beat an online slots bonus round odds are the jackpot might just pass you by, so you need to put your best foot forward and understand exactly how to control the action.

Practice Actually Does Make Perfect

So, you now know all there is to know about a slot game that’s caught your eye, what next? You need to put that knowledge to work, and we don’t just mean throwing cash at a game. You might hear some people say you can’t really practice playing an online slot, but that isn’t strictly the case. Many slot games (practically all of them really) have free play and demo modes that players should definitely make use of. These free to play modes give you virtual cash to spin with and while you can’t win any real money, you can get valuable insight into how the game works.

You can spin round after round without charge, getting a taste for the action, and learning how to unlock a game’s most powerful features. Some might say that spinning the reels of a slot in demo mode is pointless, but we think otherwise. It’s a great way to hone your skills. Don’t be foolish enough to play a slot thinking that you automatically know how to beat it, always try a free game or two first.

Pick the Right Slot Games to Play

You can’t manipulate the final outcome of a slot, sorry for anyone that might have thought otherwise, but you can choose what slot machine to play. Big casinos usually have lower house edges than small independent stores or bars, due to the sheer volume of cash flow they enjoy. While online, the action comes in all different shapes and sizes, so you are going to face a serious amount of choice.

If you really want to bang for your buck when sitting down at physical machines, you’ll also want to stick to simpler machines with few bells and whistles, because the expense in developing these slots leads the game developer to offer a lower overall payout. A 3-reel, one payline slot machine has the best overall odds. Also, stick to smaller winnings – jackpots don’t have odds that are worth what it takes to win them (usually!).

When playing online, the game changes… literally. The landscape of online slots is really like the Wild West, as you’ll find simply everything around. This can make picking the right games to play much harder. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid games that go over the top with bonus rounds. This might make the slot more fun and engaging to play, but it is likely just putting more hurdles between you and a decent payout. We would also say make sure you keep your reel numbers in check, stick to 3 or 5, as when you start messing with 6 or more reels you start venturing into the unknown.

You’ll Never at any time be Due to a Payout

We hear this time and time again from players – “I’ve paid into this game, so I deserve a payout”. Let us make it very clear, this statement and statements like this are nothing short of ridiculous. This mentality plays right into gamblers’ superstitions. Slot games use what are known as Random Number Generators (RNG). This precludes the existence of a true hot or cold streak since everything happens as the product of chance. It simply comes to down to chance and a little bit of know-how, which will determine whether you are a winner when you spin the reels.

This also means that there’s no such thing as being “due” for a win. Loss streaks happen, and the odds that they will be broken are the same for every spin. Gamblers who think this is a thing tend to be very protective of “their” slot machine and get very paranoid that somebody else will take it. Be smarter and don’t be one of those people.

Know the Difference Between Tight and Loose Games

Now, this is something that really exists, but only when you are playing on a physical slot machine. Tight slot machines payout less and with a lower frequency, while loose slot machines payout more and at a greater frequency. Since different machines have different software specifications, some are just designed to be more generous while others are designed to be stingy.

As we’ve just said, this only applies to real-world casinos, as properly regulated online casinos will have games that have the same chance of paying out across all titles. The RTP is the same across all games, in accordance with strict rules and regulations governing online casinos. There is simply no way for an online casino to have loose and tight machines in this day and age, at least not without facing some very heavy fines and legal consequences anyway.

Use Coins Wherever and Whenever Possible

Another big tip for anyone that likes to play the classic physical slot machines of old. Coins give you more control over your bets. For example, say you are playing a slot with 10 paylines. If you have 50 coins with a 0.02 cent value each, you can activate each payline with multiple ten-cent wagers. This enables you to get a better bang for your buck while eliminating the need to spend 50 cents a wager. Additionally, it increases your chances of winning overall, especially the jackpot – maximizing your paylines really adds up in the long run.

Coins – at least in a general sense – give you a slightly firmer grasp on your gameplay. It can also give you more pause for thought as you play as well, with windows for reflection on how you’ve been doing not being in short supply. When it comes to playing on a physical slot machine, play with coins if you have the chance, your bankroll will likely thank you for it.

Know When to Call It a Day

This advice is so important and sadly gets lost on so many slots players of the modern-day. Remember – slots are just games, nothing more and nothing less. They are intended to be fun for the player, providing escapism, entertainment, and enjoyment. Allowing yourself to get tilted when you lose is a great way to not have fun. But more importantly, set a limit and stick to it. Win or lose, when you hit the limit, stop. This applies to any kind of slot machine type.

Continuing to play even after you’ve lost money is a great way to lose even more money – slot machine addicts rack up huge gambling debts trying to gamble their way out of a loss. Don’t under any circumstances fall into the trap of chasing losses. If you’ve lost a bunch of money and aren’t having fun anymore, it’s time to call it quits and walk away. If you’re playing online, there’s probably a way to set a timer that will limit your session for you. This is also true for spending limits – these tools are there to help you, so don’t be afraid to use them.

We really can’t stress this enough, as many a great online slots player has lost a fortune not knowing when enough is enough. If the tide turns and the reels start roughing you up, walk away and live to spin another day.

Tap into Every Rewards Programs and Loyalty Scheme You Can

Casinos want you to spend your money and lots of it. To further this end, most casinos offer some kind of loyalty program or rewards scheme for players who spend lots of money. Savvy players know how to use these rewards to their fullest since they offer such goodies as complementary services, rebates, freebies, cashback, free spins, and more. Such loyalty programs reduce the house edge over a long interval of time while increasing the enjoyment you get from gambling so often. Casinos are especially kind towards their most loyal customers – there’s no reason not to take advantage of what they offer you.

Being honest, when playing at a land-based casino, unless you want to part with the big bucks, you can’t really get much out of the casino when it comes to loyalty. Small token gestures will be on hand, but the major rewards are largely reserved for those that bet seven figures routinely or at least six figures. However, the same can’t be said for online casinos, as it’s the open season as far as rewards are concerned. Almost every online casino we can name offers a loyalty scheme and what you can get out of these is plentiful. From small bankroll boosters like free spins to huge exclusive tournaments that can put thousands or tens of thousands in winnings in the palm of your hand, it’s usually all open to players.

Patience is a Virtue

This is the final tip we have for you and it’s certainly the most lightweight, sorry if things got a little heavy there for a moment. No successful slots player became consistent overnight. Yes, there is some players that have hit the big time off just one spin, but those incidents are super rare. Trust us, it was that easy to rake in millions from playing slots everyone would be doing it and there wouldn’t be millions of sore losers out there.

What those millions of losers out there don’t get is that online slots play is a grind – yes, a grind. If you want to get the most out of every coin you drop, you need to be patient and understand that you won’t win every spin. Patience and calm demeanor are a must if you really want to bust the reels open, not a manic spin everything approach.

Go Forth and Spin to Win!

Slot machines are a varied bunch, with different sizes, odds, modes, and visuals. But in spite of their diversity in appearance, most of them function pretty much the same – insert money, pull the lever, and watch the reels land. For this reason, slots are a simple and straightforward genre of casino games to learn, and many beginners find themselves gravitating towards slots when they first enter a casino.

It’s this magic that often sees players become engrained in all that slot machines have to offer, with their popularity in the online casino world almost being unmatched. However, amidst the bright lights and pure fun, there is plenty of money to be made. These tips will help you increase your odds of success and grabbing that cash, but it takes time for them to work their magic, so stick with it, keep spinning, and you’ll be racking up wins on the reels before you know it.

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