Privacy Policy

It is very important for us at FabulousCasino that you feel safe. We always strive to keep our website safe from intruders and make the experience flawless to you at all times.

We have also arranged so that you almost never need to provide us with any information. The only time you share a little piece of information with us when we collect and use cookies from your browser.

We may also collect your name and email if you sign up for our newsletter. These details will be stored in our encrypted database so you can feel safe.

How we use your information

We use your information in the following ways.

  • Remember your behavior on our website. (Ex. If you don’t want to subscribe to our newsletter we will not ask you again for some time).
  • To send you relevant offers based on your gambling preferences.
  • So that we can develop FabulousCasino based on what our users prefer.
  • To detect issues with the website and fix them for your premium experience.

How we use cookies

FabulousCasino is using cookies in the web browser. You have probably got asked to approve the use of cookies before when visiting websites. The purpose of cookies is to analyze the behavior of visitors.

This is very useful for webmasters to keep developing the website. By accepting cookie use you are very helpful to the community that is using FabulousCasino. This is a very good thing for future users.

IMPORTANT: Cookies do not provide us with information about any of your other internet habits. You do not share internet history by accepting cookie use for FabulousCasino.

Privacy of your information

Just because you accept that we use cookies does not mean that you share any sensitive information with us. It simply lets us see how you use our website. Nothing else. You are safe when using FabulousCasino and accepting cookies.

It lets us know which links that you click on which will be the base for new casino listings. When you continue on to one of our partners the privacy policy will seize to apply to you and the new privacy policy of our partners will become active.

Sites we link to

We do not provide any third-parties with your information. Your information is secure with us and this goes for your email and name as well.

Sites that FabulousCasino links to are not under our supervision so we do not take responsibility for information that you provide on any other site than

The sites that we link to we have used ourselves and there has not been a problem with any one of them so far. Should this be detected the site would be erased from the index of FabulousCasino.

SSL certificate

We are one of the first online casino guides that have a full SSL encrypted website. This is mainly due to the fact that it gives you a more secure connection to FabulousCasino.

Encryption means for example that you only share cookies with us and that no one else can access till information through us.


If you have any questions and or complaints you want to send us you are most welcome. We take all critiques as feedback which is good.

We want nothing more than for you to be satisfied with our website and this can only be achieved by listening to what our users want.