5 Insider Casino Tips You Should Know

by Enrico
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Honestly, how many times have you wondered about whether there is a way to win at a casino? It seems like no matter what or how you play, the result has always been the same, a loss. Unless you are that anonymous winner who hit the biggest slot machine jackpot of 39 million bucks in Las Vegas, or one of the few “less” lucky winners in the whole gaming history, that is.

After a long time playing, you start to doubt your fate or probably thinking that there is simply no way to win besides someone’s unimaginable crazy luck. So, today we are here to talk about the tips that any casino owner or insider will never tell you, and these could very likely boost your winning chance while playing any type of casino games to stop the potential losses.

Ready to turn your casino efforts around and learn from the pros? One thing is for sure, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

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Bypass the dazzling slot machines

Let’s start off with the game that 99% of the players don’t miss in casinos when they stroll across the casino floor – slots. Once you step into a casino, the flashy machines you first see are always the biggest seductions of an exciting night’s gambling. Here comes the problem, these are the camouflage of which winning or losing only depends on one single spin, without the necessity of thinking with the brain and actually trying to “beat” the house.

This simplistic type of casino game is actually the most rapid casino game there is out there, in other words, the quicker you play, the more of your coins are flowing away. Statistically, in 1 hour you can play 60 spins on slot machines on average, while you can place up to 40 bets in other casino games. As a matter of fact, these are not only many players’ favorite but the casinos’ owners’ favorite game among them all, because the winning odds are the lowest. Based on the average odds of winning slot jackpots is around 1 in about 50 million – yes, the odds are just that long.

In general, the bigger sum you bet, the better odds of winning are. Don’t waste money unless you have an endless bankroll to pull from, like slots. However, if you play just for fun and wouldn’t mind some small winnings here and there, you are always welcome to enjoy the slot machines, stay positive, the God of Luck might look out for you. Although, these games should come with a warning sticker, as serious gamblers know they are just not a winner.

Don’t be conceited and impulsive after small wins

If you think you are a much smarter player than most by successfully avoiding the dreaded slot machines, we guess you must have played blackjack. In fact, the odds of winning blackjack games are one of the highest in casinos, about 49%. Thus, if you think you are good at math, once you place a bet on a blackjack game, you have almost half of the chance to win the game.

Wait a minute, why do the casinos take such a big risk to offer it then? Sounds a bit tricky, doesn’t it? Well, 50% are for the math savvy talents who are right in the ideal scenario at the blackjack table, for most of the players, the chances of winning are still relatively low. Even if you are a math genius, after a few rounds of winning, you might start to get conceited and bet larger amounts by thinking it’s your lucky day, remember, winnings are not yours until you leave with them. This is why casinos don’t mind you winning, but afraid of you stopping play.

Greed and compulsion have brought down many a great gambler, don’t fall into the trap.

Stay sober and keep your mind clear

Everybody loves a drink at the casino, right? We are all sensible and emotional human beings, due to our human nature, we tend to make impulsive actions, especially at casinos and especially when alcohol is involved. Because of our competitive spirit or maybe casinos’ competitive atmosphere, everyone not only wants to beat the dealers but also to win more than the people around them.

It’s completely normal to make impulsive decisions unless you have strong self-control. Even when you confidently walk into a casino being sober, can you refuse the complimentary champagne or your favorite whisky? Some of the fancy casinos offer a great range of complementary items, including food and drink.

Believe it or not, there are many few players who come to a casino with the mindset of even if I lose, I will have plenty of food and drink to enjoy, that’s why the casinos are willing to sacrifice everything to offer you a glass of strong booze. Don’t take it the wrong way, we’re not here saying everything is a trap, you should absolutely have fun on the games you play, while enjoying the comps that you deserve, but remember to watch out for the alcohol. After 1 or 2 shots, god bless you the rest of the night, as you might just lose some self-control. Special warning to those big drinkers out there, when a drink is in, the win is out.

Play only with the money you can afford to lose

There is an old phrase that gamblers should remember, “scared money don’t make no money”, as you have to invest to reap the rewards. As following the above-mentioned statement details, the bigger amount you bet, the larger amount you could potentially win. However, it doesn’t mean you go into a casino with a thousand dollars and bet it all at once on a machine or a table game, as that move carries an insane level of risk.

Take your time to sniff around, sense some winning patterns, and try to find your lucky table. Remember, always ask yourself before each bet, if I lose this bet amount, will it affect my life. Following an investment tip, don’t use more than 10% of your total asset for one trade. You could potentially win more, or even more likely lose all. Losing money is not the worst scenario compared to losing a family. Know your limits and stick to them, we shouldn’t have to stay anymore on the matter than that.

Don’t even think about cheating

The first casino was established back in 1638 in Venice, Italy. The concept of the gambling establishment has been around for about 380 years, so it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two. The facilities plus the rules of the games are mature and flawless enough for the games to run smoothly, that is until the cheaters try and stop the party. Sadly, when it comes to casinos, it’s true that cheats never do prosper.

There are cameras watching 24/7 in practically every major casino, security teams are everywhere and some anti-cheating specialists are spying constantly in casual clothes. The dealers are well-trained to be professional, at least they always remember the rule number one for them is, no cheating allowed for customers. Except for counting the cards in blackjack, that is totally legal and acceptable if you don’t shout out or disturb others, or make it obvious what you are doing. At the end of day, does it worth it to be caught for a few hundred, or even thousands, then end up in jail life.

Avoid jumping into every game you see

A casino or online casino is packed to the rafters with ways to draw your attention. It is not just in Hollywood movies where you’ll see all the flash and sizzle on casino floors. Every casino is designed to drag you towards games that are notoriously difficult to win from. Remember, casinos want to profit from you, they are not charities there to provide you with a cost-free good time.

The temptation is often to jump into any and every game you see, getting a taste for the “casino experience”. The is usually the fastest way to lose a lot of money. Casinos love inexperienced players that don’t take a game seriously. Don’t be a player like this and you’ll almost certainly be better off for it.

You should respect any game you play and understand the rules for starters. Jumping into a game without understanding how it works is asking for trouble. When you visit a casino do a bit of research beforehand, get an idea of what it takes to win. Doing this will put you in the best possible position and negate a small amount of the risk that comes with gambling at a casino.

Know when to walk away and call it a day

Okay, so this final tip should be a given for any player, but you would surprise just how many players just don’t know when to give it up at the casino. When losses stack up, the absolute worst thing you can do is stick it out in an attempt to recoup some of that lost money. The term is called “chasing losses” and it only has negative connotations.

Budgets are really crucial when gambling, as they give you a framework to play within. You’ll already be aware when you are out of cash or dipped below your balance enough that you should stop playing. If you don’t have a budget, you are effectively playing blind, something that the casinos absolutely love.

Walking away from the casino with your account in the red or your budget at zero can be hard. As your pride is going to be hurt, but it is better than your pride is hurt rather than you start gambling with money that you likely can’t afford to lose. Casinos want players to stand by their pride, losing big in the process.

Take these tips and start playing!

Well, what more do you need to know? These tips are for boosting winning chances in a casino and should steer you in the right direction. Even though there are not many of them, they are very important and easily forgettable. Hopefully, you are sober enough to keep them in your mind for your next casino visit. On top of that simply keep calm and stay patient, the next jackpot could be waiting around the corner. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the games!

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